Six style short curly hair recommended

A simple and clean short hair style also has a stylish sense of style, a variety of styles have a variety of fashion experience, let you feel that fashion charm, is also your unique time!

Six styles of short curly hair recommendation that is your unique time

short curly hair

Fluffy lazy short curly hair comes with the elegant and charming goddess temperament, exudes a little charming atmosphere in the sun.

The breeze through a little messy feeling, but also inadvertently let you feel the press The lazy goddess temperament.

short curly hair

The warmth of the middle part of the curly hair, hair tail slightly curled, with a little fluffy, can perfectly modify the face.

But not too high-profile, such fresh and gentle feeling is really exciting !

short curly hair

How to make more fashionable hair curls, similar to the shape of instant noodles, but it will not look particularly broken.

With brown hair color will be more suitable for autumn and winter, fluffy air bangs is You bring that cute sweet smell.

short curly hair

Fairy perm style, a straight short hair directly into a fluffy small volume, while adding a fluffy feeling, but also make short hair more fashionable and temperament.

But Xiaobian still advises the average person not to try it easily, because it will be very obvious A messy feeling!

short curly hair

The black shoulders are short and hot with a little curly hair. The girls wear a fresh and sweet overalls. The short curly lush hair is more cute and cute. The short black hair has the youthful vitality.

short curly hair

It doesn’t matter if the short hair is too short. The design with the curly hair will also become very beautiful. With a little fluffy feeling, the face is slim and more temperament, you are still hesitating, hurry up!

Wild fashion pear flower wig hairstyle

Want to get yourself a pear hair type? But I am worried that I will damage my beloved hair, and I don’t even know if it will look good. Then come here and choose the pear flower wig that suits you. It is versatile!

Broken bangs long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A little broken bangs, wearing a pair of glasses, add a ladylike atmosphere, long curly hair on the two sides of the shoulder, super nice, both face repair and age, awesome!

Wild, stylish, this long pear flower wig is really good! I like the girl I like.

Dark brown long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A dark brown hair color, the bangs cut in front, looks very sweet, the curled hair is scattered on the shoulders, super beautiful! Like it?

Ultra-stylish, versatile pear head human hair wigs, selling cute before the camera, cute, sweet, super nice pear hair type. Big Love!

Sweet pear flower wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A sweet-filled pear head wig with short perm, short cheeks with short cheeks, can best retouch the girl’s face, cute and sweet.

Korean style, cheeky fluffy, the most able to make a small face, really a good wig hairstyle, like it?

Oblique bangs in the long pear head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

The bangs that are slanted open, the cheeks are curled and the tail is on the shoulders, which can best modify the face! Light brown hair color, set off white skin, versatile and fashionable.

Very nice wig pear hair type, good-looking and versatile, I believe the sisters will love it.

Korean style long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

Korean style, this pear head long wig hairstyle, looks like the overall effect is very good! The bangs that are slanted open, the hot ends of the hair, are placed on the shoulders, so beautiful!

It looks really good! Do the girls like such a wig? Wild, stylish, and more to modify the face!

Ok! After reading the versatile, stylish wig pear hair styles that come with it, I feel great! Fast forward to choose what you like!

Exquisite and beautiful bride hair style

There is such an important moment in a girl’s life, it is a need to take good care of, a beautiful and beautiful bride hair style.

With that dignified and elegant temperament, for you to present more fashion Charm.

And the fullness of the fairy is even more glamorous.

The bride’s hair style makes you more charming and charming

bride hair style

Firstly, exquisite hair style, with a little fluffiness, like a beautiful and beautiful flower hair style, with a few fresh flowers decoration, more fresh and fresh temperament, simple and clean more points Exquisite aesthetic.

bride hair style

Korean bride hair style hair has a dignified and elegant temperament, neat and clean a low-cut hair, with a flower decoration.

Simple and clean and more natural, for the bride hair style to create that happy and happy memories!

bride hair style

Firstly, an exotic long-haired hairstyle with a long hair style, the bride’s hair is slightly lazy and elegant, and the beautiful hair looks very delicate and beautiful.

And it shines more brightly under the light!

bride hair style

This low-cut hair made by long black hair is simple and elegant, with a very cut hair accessory.

Which shows the delicate and beautiful temperament of this hair style. Can make you the focus of the audience.

bride hair style

Today’s bridal hairstyles are simpler, more fashionable and more elegant. There are no more styles. Firstly,Simply put on a hair style, decorate with flowers, feel the beauty of nature, add more to yourself. A fresh and elegant feeling.

bride hair style

The most traditional Chinese wedding, there should be a lot of people like it.

The set of Fengguan Xia is even more exquisite.

Black long hair is made into a beautiful and delicate bride hair style, with Chinese hair accessories more elegant and moving .

Nice little boy bangs hairstyle

The cute little boy also needs to cultivate the male temperament from an early age. Whether it is cute or handsome, people can have more love, so what kind of boy bangs does the boy have to look better?

Good-looking boy bangs hairstyle from childhood

boy bangs

What is the little boy who stays in the bangs?The cute and cute hairstyle has been circled with a big wave of fans. The cute little curly hair wigs uk is also very fascinating. This wave of hair and the curl of the eyebrow bangs will be perfect. The child’s cuteness is revealed.

boy bangs

The perfect combination of light and shadow makes this cute little boy bangs more attractive. The short blond hair is matched with an eyebrow bangs, showing the cute little face of the little boy, with a cute one. Fashion sense.

boy bangs

A bangs perm hair style also presents this handsome little boy perfectly in everyone’s acting skills. The big eyes are filled with a starry sky, which is the best childhood gift for yourself.

boy bangs

The little boy always has more naughty feelings, the golden short hair is simple and clean, and the simple bangs hairstyle is also very low-key, but it will not affect the cute feeling of the little boy bangs, he will be indulged in his own In the world.

boy bangs

The black wave hair type is also very suitable for boys with a small amount of hair, a thin layer of hair, and a little messy Qi Liu is also very cute, and the round big eyes are full of simple feelings.

boy bangs

From a very young age, there is a boy with a male spirit. The black short hair wave is clean and simple. The neat Qi Liu is a perfect expression of the child’s cuteness. The little face of the flesh has that one. Serious sense.

Enjoy long hair extension hairstyle

The type of hair extension is different, then the method of hair extension is different. Some hair extension types completed a professional hair stylist, while others only operated by themselves, such as: clip hair and so on. Hair is divided into two types: real hair and fiber, you can choose according to your own preferences.

long hair extension

Real hair used for perming, dyeing and nutrient care, and it is easy comb. Although the filaments colorful, they are not easy to comb. In order make the connected hair and the natural hair root look color, the wax for bonding divided into black, purple, red and yellow according to the color of each person.


Share several long hair extension hairstyles

The discovery is very common. Here are a few long hair extension hair styles for you. It is simple and fashionable, temperamental and versatile. It is very eye-catching and you can enjoy it with your favorite sisters.

long hair extension

The simple long hair scattered casually, with brown hair dyeing, fashion white, easy to highlight the sweet temperament, very tender, and the partial bangs also achieved a slim effect.

long hair extension

A dark perm design, looks simple and generous, very temperament.

The bangs that partialized have also achieved the effect of repairing the face, easily highlighting the charm, very eye-catching.

long hair extension

The perm design of the wave roll, with the brown hair dye, fashion and romance.

Easily highlights the temperament of the goddess Fan, and the partial bangs also achieve the effect of slimming and slimming.

long hair extension

The long hair style of the micro-roll matched with the partial bangs, and the perfect face shape made. It looks very temperamental, very beautiful, and the brown hair dye is also very fashionable.

long hair extension

The perm design of the wave roll, with the temperament of the partial bangs, the slimming and slimming, easy to highlight the charm, brown hair color is also simple and stylish.

long hair extension

The long hair of the micro-volume scattered casually, with the brown hair dyeing, simple and fashionable, it looks very sweet and beautiful, very beautiful.

real hair wig wear and cleaning

The wig’s wearing method is first of all to wear a hood. After wearing the wig, you need to make the wig change. You can’t see the wig as a wig, and then fix it. The perfect beauty wig will appear.

The first step of wearing a wig: wearing a real hair wig

The first step in wearing a wig is to first treat the original real hair, first comb the hair back, and then wear a hair clip to cover the real hair to avoid real and false confusion.

The second step of wearing a wig: wearing a true wig wig

real hair wig

After wearing the hood, I went to the real wearing a real hair wig uk, put the wig on my head, and don’t care about her hair style after taking it, but first adjust the position of the wig to wear it.

The third step of wearing a wig: the wig becomes true

Then, we must look at the wig on the head if it is true, to be perfect, but also need to combine the wearer’s face, according to the shape of the face to adjust the best position of the wig, the best bangs, etc., so that others can not see Out, this is fake hair.

real hair wig

The fourth step of wearing a wig: fixing the wig

After determining a position, it is the last step in wearing a real hair wig. That is to fix the wig. It is said to be a wig. If it is not fixed, it will be easily skewed or dropped. This will be very embarrassing, so wigs are generally required to wear. It is fixed.

real wig cleaning and cleaning steps

1. Use a steel tooth comb to smooth the wig. If it is a roll wig, pay attention to the curl position of the head of the bangs. It is best to use a simple comb.

2, then the fake release in the cold water for 5-10 minutes, fashion can not be too long, this will lead to wig off.

3, then take the fake start to replace a basin of water, use the wig-specific washing liquid into the clear water and mix well, put the fake release in the water and gently grab a hairline just fine.

real hair wig

4, after washing, put another basin of water, clean the wig.

5. After cleaning, dispose of the fake on a special bracket and use a dry towel to dry the water on the real hair wig.

6. Finally, when the wig is dried 90%, gently grasp the hair with your hand, and then use the special comb for the wig to comb the wig and the top of the head.

Wig BOBO head fashion age is perfect

Nowadays, it is very popular to use wigs for styling. It is not necessary to afflict hair. Secondly, you can think long and long, and short and short. The hair wigs are endless, and the BOB wigs are the most popular.

Now let’s take a look at how South Korea MM skillfully uses BOB wigs to age for yourself. You can also learn, definitely make you young and young.

Wig BOBO head NO.1


In the position of the corners on both sides, the hair on both sides can be seen with a good curvature and has a crescent effect.

Wig BOBO head NO.2


In fact, this hairstyle is very suitable for home at home. If you are at home with your boyfriend on a weekend, the mutant age-reducing hairstyle will surprise him and make him shine.

Wig BOBO head NO.3


If you want the wig to look less rigid or too naive, simply use the wax and mud to fluff the hair on your head.

Wig BOBO head NO.4


In the end of the hair, a little curly hair treatment, but the amount must not be more, this will be natural.

Wig BOBO head NO.5


BOB short hair, tightly fitted to the neck is the best effect.

It will not appear very small, but at the same time it will not make people feel very dull.

Wig BOBO head NO.6


When you are a mature dress, you must pay attention to the curvature of the wig, so that it will look natural and generous.

Short hair 5 minute hair style

After we cut short hair, we often suffer from lack of styling, but in fact, short hair can also have many changes. If you are going to a party tonight, or go to a different occasion, try it now.

Short hair a relative hair style concept, and hair styles within a certain length be collectively referred to as “short hair”.

Hair styles divided into two major categories – long hair and short hair, of which short hair divided into men’s short hair and women’s short hair, under this standard will be derived from a variety of hair styles.

Short hair braid hairstyle

hair style

The short hair styling generally be combed lower and more fluffy. The hair ends slightly left a little more than the stuffed ones.

Short curly hair style

hair style

If you are too lazy to take care of it, then go to your hair stylist and apply a short curly hair that will suit you for any occasion.

French hair style hairstyle

hair style

French hair is especially suitable for the change of oblique bangs. Can make hair styles especially gorgeous.

Hair accessory hairstyle

hair style

Hair accessories are also one of the props that make cool short hair instantly sweet. All hair accessories made of colored stones are chic and age-reducing.

Rock style hair style

hair style

Short hair can also create a rock-and-roll style, blowing the hair roots, and then combing the hair roots, then combing from the front to the back.

Allo’s all back styling hairstyle

hair style

Short hair can also have a very good all back hairstyle, but in order to avoid feeling that you are not because of washing your head, remember to leave a slap in your ear.

Retro curly hair style

hair style

As long as you are a Bobo head, you can copy this hairstyle. If you are going to a retro party, use a large curling iron to start curling from the ear. Remember to fluff the hair roots in front of your forehead.

The most popular wig list for fashion girls

This year’s most popular wig list for fashion girls has been released. MMs are coming to choose a good-looking wig for yourself, so you can change your hair style anytime and anywhere without hurting.

How to create a variety of hairstyles without wanting to change the existing hairstyle? In fact, you only need to wear a hair. If you look at the most popular cosplay wigs uk list for fashion girls this year, you can put these beautiful wigs into the bag and create the hairstyle you want.

Pear roll ponytail wig


The fashion circle has recently smashed the wave of ponytail hair. When the long pear ponytail follows the back of you, it is a youthful and energetic feeling, very suitable for spring and summer.

Gao Junxi with the air bangs short hair wig


The weather is getting hotter, girls can follow the short hair goddess Gao Junxi, leaving a refreshing air bangs short hair. Previously, you can buy Gao Junxi’s hair to test the effect and see if you are suitable for cutting short hair and become a short hair goddess like Gao Junxi!

Korean air bangs BOBO head wig


Young and fashionable, you are very suitable for this Korean air bangs BOBO head, its effect is realistic, and the real hair is almost the same, wearing natural and comfortable, is the first choice for every MM hair.

Oblique bangs pear flower hot long hair wig


This oblique bangs pear flower hot long hair version is very good, moderate thickness, very light and comfortable. Pear perm is very fashionable, the design of oblique bangs and inner button hair ends helps to repair the face, suitable for all kinds of face, especially round face girls.

Short pear flower wig


The short pear flower head will pay more attention to the fluffy feeling than other pear flower hair styles. The hair is more graceful in curvature, and the overall hair style is fashionable and individual. MM people can easily create a beautiful hair style by simply selecting the hair color that matches your skin color.

Give yourself a little more new life, meet a certain wig you like, and you will put it in your pocket and give yourself a new hairstyle! .

Recommended practical hair extension tips

Hair is a hair style technology introduced in Europe. As the name suggests, hair extension is to get the hair to your own real hair, and instantly change from short hair to long hair. The hair used for hair extension can be a wig or a real hair.

How to pick up the hair extension is beautiful?

The best way to send and receive is to splicing. The role of the connection is to make the short hair longer. Below, it is the effect after splicing. Most popular in Europe and the United States.

In addition, the connection is the quickest way; however, it takes a month to grow a lot of hair, which looks unnatural. Individuals do not recommend identification, although the cost is much lower.

hair extension

In the past, it was often seen that some people in the countryside bought some hair; it is obvious that these are used for splicing, pure natural hair, of course, black and shiny.

Another type is to glue the hair, apply it to the hair root of a small hair, take the same amount of hair in the proper position, and quickly connect the hair to the hair root of the hair, about one centimeter away from the hair. The adhesive will solidify quickly, so that a long hair will be connected.

hair extension

Adhesive hair extension is the easiest to remove. Moreover, not much damage to the hair.

Sending us a lot of brilliance in our lives; sometimes, let’s make our styles, transients.

Of course, having a human hair extensions is a high consumption; it is generally an important day, a non-essential occasion; it is not necessary. Human temperament is the most beautiful.

hair extension

The most popular hair extensions in China are actually in barbershops or high-end professional hair extension stores. Usually it is about 3,000 yuan of consumption, a good shape will come out. It has added a lot of brilliance to the lives of modern people.

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