Glamorous long curly hair style inventory

Urban OL’s daily medium and long curly hair style is more than a short hair style, creating a rich and romantic feminine style. It is easy to add extra points to your workplace. Beautiful curly hair is also a must for sister paper dating!

Glamorous long curly hair style inventory Do autumn temperament OL

curly hair

A very fashionable Korean long curly hair style, the length of four or six minutes of bangs is just the right length to perfectly modify the face shape.

Bringing out a delicate and compact palm face, soft and neat long curly hair has a charm.

curly hair

Firstly, Very feminine. The rich and elastic long curly hair style, naturally drooping, plus the bangs hair design, will make the charming melon face look better. Stylish chocolate hair color is a more feminine curvature.

curly hair

Gold-brown hair color, a very beautiful color hair color, casual shawl with a long hair curling hairstyle, with a golden brown hair style, in the sun shine, it is extremely beautiful.

curly hair

Light inspiration long curly hair color, light brown and dynamic Liu Hai perm is the characteristic of this long curly hair.

Natural Korean curling bangs cover the forehead, showing a fresh and playful personality.

curly hair

The amount of hair is much more, with a super-face-lifting style, a savior with a round face and a round face. Firstly,the whole wraps the cheeks and has a perfect small face effect. It is very temperamental.

curly hair

The brown girl’s long roll hair hair style is very feminine, full of youth and fashion. The curls are more fluffy under the brown hair color, which enhances the hair volume.

In order to prevent the hair from being too cumbersome.

You can keep a rich curl level while keeping the length unchanged.

Firstly, the long spiral hair is a fashionable curly hairstyle, and the long roll hair is scattered on the girl’s chest. It is a girl’s elegant and romantic temperament, just like a sweet princess.