Golden highlights fashion big roll hot hair

To talk about this big volume hot, this is a kind of perm that many people like, this big roll is more suitable for long hair, to see what the big rolls of hot hair.

Firstly, Korean style hot hair, hair roots are very fluffy, creating a gentle feeling, dyed with light linen and a transparent color reveals a fresh temperament.

Golden highlights give you a big roll hot hair

Fashionable long and big volume roll hot hair, four or six partial points + fluffy hair tail volume.

Pure black color and gold highlights, mature and feminine, suitable for fashion OL style.

Whether it’s a small wave roll or a large, fluffy wave roll, it can create a different kind of fresh and eye-catching temperament. Firstly, the large volume of wavy hair that without bangs creates a sexy femininity.

Sexy feminine big rolls of hot shawl in the long hair, bangs slightly hot.

And one side of the hair to the shoulders, facial features delicate and sweet.

roll hot hair

Firstly, A perm hairstyle with a stylish and feminine feel, the grape purple dyed hair color gradient with some transparent design, with a layered wave, the atmosphere is thin.Big roll of hot hair picture

A chic lazy big roll, fluffy hair creates a sense of leisure.

The air-burning long roll hot hair matched with Korean hair dyeing design, gold linen + dark green skirt, full of fashion, and very temperament.

The double-layered perm shape that is rolled out after the haircut level is trimmed.

And the medium-length hair of the air feel the hair look more curved and softer.

And the unstoppable styling temperament steals the mirror, and the maroon hair color is full.

About the big roll hot hair hot hair introduced here, not pick one for yourself.