Autumn and winter fashion hairstyle design

A stylish autumn and winter long hair style, how to help you create a perfect autumn and winter fashion style, different retests with different hair styles, create different temperament girls, each is your favorite fashion hairstyle .

Hairstyle design is the same in autumn and winter

The texture of the perm girl’s hairstyle design will make the forehead’s hair into the shape of the inner buckle.

The fine care will retain the design of the texture perm, showing the fashion style that girls should have, the appearance of the air bangs buckle is very cute.

The same is the texture perm long hair style, giving people a different visual sense. The shoulder-length short hair buckle is very cute.

The texture curve of the broken cheap hair extensions shows the sexy and charming girl, the delicate facial features are added a lot. What about the score?

The hairstyle design of the lady’s fan naturally be combed with a beautiful shape. The girl combed her hair after a nine-minute break, and the hair of the horns thin and shredded. The long-haired hair combed the back of the hair, and the hairstyle design was very fluffy, but the hair style was also very much.

A hair that is not afraid of messy hair is what many sisters are pursuing. After the fashion is not awake, the perm hair style into a lazy temperament girl.

Which is especially beautiful when combined with fashion hair color.

In the season of wearing sweaters, girls don’t just care about styles when choosing sweaters.

And hairstyle design are also important. Firstly, Look at this girl wearing a light purple polka-dot sweater, will split the middle and long hair into a low ponytail.

A few long bangs scattered on the sides of the face, the image is sweet and temperament.

Girls who take the young sunny route, when wearing a white turtleneck sweater in the fall, don’t let the hair loose, otherwise the whole person will look very short.

Easy to create a cute and charming girl image. The interpretation of the sweater is very beautiful.

Elegant and soft corrective hairstyle

What hairstyle are you changing? Recently, the Japanese sister has fallen in love with the long hair of the shoulders. Not only is it fashionable to correct the face shape, but also the long bangs blessing, so that your face is smaller than a circle! Come and see the demonstration.

Corrective hairstyles that are easy to control

corrective hairstyle

Every time you change the season, you will want to change your hair style and update it. In addition to hair color, hair growth is the key to making a big face change.

Japanese girls have recently cut a long hair, shoulder length or a little over the shoulder length has become a new hot mainstream, not only the decoration is good, but also makes the whole person more elegant and feminine! Absolutely try to correct the corrective hairstyle style, cut it will not go back!

corrective hairstyle

In addition to the hair length can not be too long, the hairline on both sides of the cheek is the key to correcting the face value! The just right arc can make the face shape small and delicate, and the position of the cheekbones and masticatory muscles is more charming because of the soft and zero curve, and the temperament will naturally increase instantly!

corrective hairstyle

After cutting the corrective hairstyle, you can modify the face value in all kinds of time! The pretty hair of the Japanese sense.

As long as the two strands of corrective hairstyle are left behind, you can avoid the face that is too light, or the low pony tail that Japanese and Korean girls love very much, leaving the hair is the essence of correcting the hair style.

corrective hairstyle

With! It is very elegant to let the whole person raise their hands, even if there is a bangs.

It is very simple to have a corrective hair style. First, ask the hair stylist to trim two small bunches of hair on both sides of the cheek.

corrective hairstyle

Just go out with the electric stick before going out. If there are more layers, you can also use a few hairs inward. A few corrective hairstyle strands are outwards, creating a more casual and soft impression, and the hair style will be more lively!

Exquisite and beautiful bride hair style

There is such an important moment in a girl’s life, it is a need to take good care of, a beautiful and beautiful bride hair style.

With that dignified and elegant temperament, for you to present more fashion Charm.

And the fullness of the fairy is even more glamorous.

The bride’s hair style makes you more charming and charming

bride hair style

Firstly, exquisite hair style, with a little fluffiness, like a beautiful and beautiful flower hair style, with a few fresh flowers decoration, more fresh and fresh temperament, simple and clean more points Exquisite aesthetic.

bride hair style

Korean bride hair style hair has a dignified and elegant temperament, neat and clean a low-cut hair, with a flower decoration.

Simple and clean and more natural, for the bride hair style to create that happy and happy memories!

bride hair style

Firstly, an exotic long-haired hairstyle with a long hair style, the bride’s hair is slightly lazy and elegant, and the beautiful hair looks very delicate and beautiful.

And it shines more brightly under the light!

bride hair style

This low-cut hair made by long black hair is simple and elegant, with a very cut hair accessory.

Which shows the delicate and beautiful temperament of this hair style. Can make you the focus of the audience.

bride hair style

Today’s bridal hairstyles are simpler, more fashionable and more elegant. There are no more styles. Firstly,Simply put on a hair style, decorate with flowers, feel the beauty of nature, add more to yourself. A fresh and elegant feeling.

bride hair style

The most traditional Chinese wedding, there should be a lot of people like it.

The set of Fengguan Xia is even more exquisite.

Black long hair is made into a beautiful and delicate bride hair style, with Chinese hair accessories more elegant and moving .

Short hair 5 minute hair style

After we cut short hair, we often suffer from lack of styling, but in fact, short hair can also have many changes. If you are going to a party tonight, or go to a different occasion, try it now.

Short hair a relative hair style concept, and hair styles within a certain length be collectively referred to as “short hair”.

Hair styles divided into two major categories – long hair and short hair, of which short hair divided into men’s short hair and women’s short hair, under this standard will be derived from a variety of hair styles.

Short hair braid hairstyle

hair style

The short hair styling generally be combed lower and more fluffy. The hair ends slightly left a little more than the stuffed ones.

Short curly hair style

hair style

If you are too lazy to take care of it, then go to your hair stylist and apply a short curly hair that will suit you for any occasion.

French hair style hairstyle

hair style

French hair is especially suitable for the change of oblique bangs. Can make hair styles especially gorgeous.

Hair accessory hairstyle

hair style

Hair accessories are also one of the props that make cool short hair instantly sweet. All hair accessories made of colored stones are chic and age-reducing.

Rock style hair style

hair style

Short hair can also create a rock-and-roll style, blowing the hair roots, and then combing the hair roots, then combing from the front to the back.

Allo’s all back styling hairstyle

hair style

Short hair can also have a very good all back hairstyle, but in order to avoid feeling that you are not because of washing your head, remember to leave a slap in your ear.

Retro curly hair style

hair style

As long as you are a Bobo head, you can copy this hairstyle. If you are going to a retro party, use a large curling iron to start curling from the ear. Remember to fluff the hair roots in front of your forehead.

Goddess’s fashion hairstyle

We often think that the actress on the red carpet is arrogant. In addition to the makeup, there is also a goddess’ favorite trick, which is the side distribution. This fashion hairstyle is sexy and charming, and it can reveal the woman’s charming neck line, so she is female. The stars are very fond of it.

From the passerby to the goddess, you can rely on this fashion hairstyle

fashion hairstyle

Amanda’s side distribution is a standard goddess makeup. This type of fashion hairstyle can be tried even by people with a small amount of hair. It is very beautiful after the neck is fixed and the hair is rolled into a large wave.

fashion hairstyle

Rihanna’s side distribution is the most standard side, and the hair is all turned to one side, even if the clothing hip-hop like her, can hold.

fashion hairstyle

Beyonce’s side distribution, the bangs combed very fluffy, but also tied into a low ponytail, tied to the neck side.

fashion hairstyle

Short hair can also have a fascinating landscape. In particular, one side is dyed to a slightly lighter color. With a slightly deeper hair color, it is extraordinarily light.

fashion hairstyle

The round face and the side distribution can also be matched, and the side distribution can also modify the round face. Lengthen the face lines.

Short hair hairstyle women can also be sexy and cute

In recent years, short-term prevailing, especially this year, many people have short-haired “poison”, indulging in short hair can not extricate themselves.

But there are also many distresses after cutting short hair and will not take care of it, in fact, the plasticity of short hair is very strong, Cute, stylish, sexy, intellectual, very changeable.

Short hair hairstyle

The short straight hair tail and the slight inner buckle and the air bangs are very age-reducing and cute, especially suitable for cute young girls and student sisters. Simple and stylish.

The medium-length short hair is most suitable for the inner buckle design, especially the girl with a fleshy face can easily modify the face shape and the face is small.

short hair

The short hairpin inside is very fashionable, and it looks more white like this hair color. Don’t try this girl with a long face.

Short hair straight hair hair tail slightly buckle, partial temperament is particularly temperament, intellectual and elegant, two smashed a little broken hair hair tail buckle to the chin position light and easy to repair thin.

With an exaggerated earrings, there is another temperament.

Noodle roll short hair hairstyle

short hair


Short hair hot and fluffy full of instant noodles is more fashionable, instant noodles is a relatively trendy hair style, very second-class girl’s breath.

Suitable for girls with less hair, the smaller the face of the girl to get this The better the hairstyle is.

Eversion short hair hairstyle

I have to say that the valgus short hair is really cute and cute. It is hot and fluffy at the end of the hair. It is very playful and age-reducing, and it is especially fashionable and has a fan. The bangs are more delicate and contoured. Have a literary temperament.

short hair

The valgus short hair is matched with linen hair color and exaggerated ornaments, which gives a special feeling of Han Fan.

It is extraordinarily playful and cute, especially sweet, and the girlish atmosphere is bursting.

Egg roll short hair hairstyle

Egg curl type, not only fashionable but also temperament, hair is hot into a wave of curvature with a squad in the eight characters, but also foreign. This hairstyle with air bangs is simply sweet and can’t, especially age. Would you like a fashionable short egg roll?

Short straight hair with large deviation, the front of the Liu Hai hot S volume, modified face type, especially exquisite, full of light and stylish temperament.

short hair

The lazy Web hair is commonly called “sleeping not to wake up”, and it is rolled on the ear side to form a curvature, which increases the agility of the whole hairstyle. This hairstyle does not need taken care of too much.

Even if it is messy, it does not matter, like this The hair of the hot roll is smart and playful, revealing the natural atmosphere. Fluffy has a texture, especially good-looking, and it is attractive.

Introducing the half-length fishtail flower hair tutorial illustration

To talk about this fishtail hair, it is really very beautiful, but this half-length flower head can really grow a flower, to see what the half-length fishtail tutorial illustration is?

The scorpion can help you complete any style of your look. If you have medium and heavy, then this style can create the perfect for you.

The so-called wig piece refers to a headgear produced by the piece production process of real or wig. Also known as hair extensions, hair curtains.

Introducing half-length fishtail head tutorial illustration Suitable for medium-heavy hair

Twisted cockroaches, cockroaches, fish bones, these most popular hairstyles, you have already learned, do you want to learn a new style?

Step 1: Instead of curling, you can use a roll of curly hair to create a wave.


Step 2: Disperse the it and comb the hair with a comb.


Step 3: Select the half-length to weave the fishtail tweezers above the left ear, and weave the tweezers on the right side.


Step 4: Pull the scorpion slowly, loosely loose until you get the fullness you want.

Don’t worry about the scorpion scattered, because you made a tight fishtail.


Step 5: Cross the two fishtails and evenly remove the fishtails from the fluffy petals and fix them with hairpins.


Step 6: Finally, the remaining wig ends and the surrounding it spray fixed by spray. (Note: After you don’t attach the hairpin, use the  spray to fix the flower.)

The tutorial on the half-length fishtail head  introduced here, so come and try this nice hairstyle.