Introducing the half-length fishtail flower hair tutorial illustration

To talk about this fishtail hair, it is really very beautiful, but this half-length flower head can really grow a flower, to see what the half-length fishtail tutorial illustration is?

The scorpion can help you complete any style of your look. If you have medium and heavy, then this style can create the perfect for you.

The so-called wig piece refers to a headgear produced by the piece production process of real or wig. Also known as hair extensions, hair curtains.

Introducing half-length fishtail head tutorial illustration Suitable for medium-heavy hair

Twisted cockroaches, cockroaches, fish bones, these most popular hairstyles, you have already learned, do you want to learn a new style?

Step 1: Instead of curling, you can use a roll of curly hair to create a wave.


Step 2: Disperse the it and comb the hair with a comb.


Step 3: Select the half-length to weave the fishtail tweezers above the left ear, and weave the tweezers on the right side.


Step 4: Pull the scorpion slowly, loosely loose until you get the fullness you want.

Don’t worry about the scorpion scattered, because you made a tight fishtail.


Step 5: Cross the two fishtails and evenly remove the fishtails from the fluffy petals and fix them with hairpins.


Step 6: Finally, the remaining wig ends and the surrounding it spray fixed by spray. (Note: After you don’t attach the hairpin, use theĀ  spray to fix the flower.)

The tutorial on the half-length fishtail headĀ  introduced here, so come and try this nice hairstyle.