Korean hairdressing hairline perm hairstyle

Water ripple perm a very popular perm hair style, giving people a feeling of ups and downs, highlighting the fashion sense of beauty, creating a secret weapon of small face.

Firstly, it can not block the fashionable sense of it, the water ripple perm has A lot of, long hair looks sexy and charming, short paragraph looks exquisite and cute, said that any length of hair is suitable for the hairstyle, are you heartbeat?

Appreciate several water ripple perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle

Water ripple perm and Yang air bangs, this is the must-have hair of the cute girl.

The air is fresh and fresh, the water ripples are perm, the neat arc is full of ladies.

Very cute water ripple hairstyle, the air bangs button-shaped, very thin.

Firstly, the water ripples are thick and heavy, and contrast with the thin air bangs, this contrast very cute!

perm hairstyle

Mildew water ripple hairstyle is more charming in the European and American people’s domineering.

Firstly, Liu Hai four or six oblique points, water ripples perm or shawl or pick up, small sexy revealing femininity, exudes the taste of cute little woman.

perm hairstyle

Short hair girls get the water ripple is almost the same effect, a few corrugated rolls, playful and textured.

Bangs choose the middle, make the face more lovely, dye a beautiful color will make you stand out.

Firstly, the partial shape of the water ripple perm hair style, the slight inner buckle of the wave perm hair, looks very fresh and natural, dark brown hair color highlights a good color, a hat, Korean is pretty charming.

perm hairstyle

Firstly, this Korean style Qi Liu perm hairstyle, neat bangs highlights the girl’s playful and cute atmosphere, with long water ripple perm, looks fashionable and yet beautiful and sweet.

The above is the water ripple hairstyle display, parents can try it, it will definitely have a flavor.