Korean non-mainstream wig

Korean hair style is becoming more and more popular with the Korean drama. I want to change into a beautiful hairstyle like Korean drama, but there are many hair quality and hair volume requirements. A Korean wig easily done. Today I want to introduce you to some non-mainstream Korean wigs. Come and enjoy them.

This orange-red non-mainstream short hair wig, such a bright hair color may not be suitable for daily work and life.

But going shopping can make you easily eye-catching, while the inner buckle and the outer tip of the hair is very pretty.

Korean non-mainstream wigs let you change your personality

The inner buckle of the inner wave of the wave head wig is very delicate.

And it is reluctant to cut off the long hair to wear such a wave head wig, you can also become a temperament beauty.

The color of such an authentic golden curly oriental is inherently difficult achieve through dyeing hair, and the charm of the blonde is still not reduced. This wig shape you like a mixed-race.

A very playful short hair wig, Liu Liu’s uneven bangs make the buckle of the buckle, linen dyed hair can also make you more fashionable.


The wigs highlighted in shades of light also have a small face effect visually.

And the large areas of bright colors give a feeling of frivolity.

And the highlights in the tail make the hairstyle lighter.

This bunch of hair with a short hairline at the end of the bangs makes an outward curl, making the short hair look stylish and stylish.