Learn about Cosplay Wig

Coser need to be in constant contact with all kinds of wigs. Choosing the right wig is also a matter of learning. Today, we will share some knowledge about wigs that cosplay needs to know.


The wig basically divided into plastic brushed and animal hair. In the plastic brushed wig we often touch, there are many kinds of it: better: the quality of the card and Marlens is better, the feel is slippery. Smooth and easy to comb, there will be no strong flash. The hair of the former is thinner and more flying, and the latter is thicker and more draped. Of course, the hair price of this grade is also relatively high, poor: the hair that poorer is Han silk, also known as pp silk or K silk.


This kind of silk is not smooth, easy to knot, the most terrible is that the flash is too strong, the extreme advantage in front of the lens, the only advantage is cheap. The same length of wig, the price of Han silk is almost one-half to one-third of the card, there are Japanese silk, domestic silk, mixed silk, etc.; both the price and the quality are between the above two.

Coser needs to know: Cosplay wig related knowledge

When buying a wig, in addition to the hair itself, you should pay special attention to the following points: the shape of the bangs, whether there is a scalp. Is there a head road, the color of the hair net, and whether the hair net adjusted.


With a wig, the first step is to shoot the real hair. It is recommended tie your hair to two sides, and then fold the top the head with a clip. After the hair is clamped, that there no broken hair on the forehead, and then bring a headgear further support the hair. In this way, with a wig, it will never reveal the true hair.


When combing the human hair wigs, remember not to use a plastic comb! You can use iron comb, wooden comb, horn comb, as long as it can prevent static electricity.

If there is no need to arrange the wig at the animation exhibition site, it is better to use the hand to sort it than to use a plastic comb.

Buy a special wig for hair wigs. When combing, it will be easier to squirt.


Never expect to be able to completely comb the wig – that is, after all, there is no life, how can it be so easy to be completely smooth? The longer the hair, the easier it is to tie the knot. Therefore, the principle of grooming is: as long as the surface looks smooth, it is OK.


The method of cleaning the hair: soak it in cold water, add a little common shampoo, gently squeeze it.

Remove it, use a towel to stick it outside, blot the water, and then hang it in a cool place to dry.