Method for identify real hair wig

In order to let everyone better identify the real hair, we list a few simple identification methods.

The method of burning can only be easily identified. The hair mixed with chemical fiber, and some black-hearted traders animal hairs such as horsetails, or some blended with hair that recovered from the barbershop and landed on the ground. Can not be identified by the method of burning

real hair wig

Name explanation: The principle of Shunfa is that we have trimmed the hair whip. It must undyed, not burnt hair.

Real hair wig hair penetration test

1. What is the permeability? The transporosity of the hair refers to the ability of the stratum corneum to allow absorption and penetration of moisture and hair products. Everyone has a different hair penetration, and when the hair is permeable, the transparency increases.

real hair wig

2. What is the difference between permeable hair and non-permeable hair? The stratum corneum scales of non-permeable hair are flat and dry, and when exposed to light, they reflect light on average, making the hair look shiny, and the real hair wig is not easily damaged when combed. The permeable hair, because the stratum corneum scales are open, the hair is not even, the light penetrates and can not reflect the light, and the hair looks lustre.

real hair wig

3, test method: lift a small number of small hair, tighten the hair tail, use your fingers along the hair shaft to slide down from the top to the hair root, if there is a rough feeling, it is permeable. It should noted that different parts the hair have different perforation, so it is necessary test the perforation different parts of the hair.

Real hair wig elastic test

1. What is the elasticity of hair? It refers the ability of the hair stretched and straightened and then returned its original length. Healthy hair generally stretched one-third of its original length. When wet, the elasticity of the real hair wig increases. If the stratum corneum damaged, the hair permeable, thereby reducing the elasticity the hair.

real hair wig

2, test method: first pick up a hair, use the index finger and thumb hold the ends of the hair, then gently stretched see how much hair stretched.

And when the hair returns to its original length, the length has changed . Usually damaged, inelastic hair can not withstand pulling, easy to break