Medium long hair perm hairstyle is thin and sweet

Round face hot hair what looks good 5 long hair perm thin and sweet, round face MM always worry about their own perfect face, always worry about what kind of hair is suitable for them, then round face MM is suitable for hot hair Look good?

Medium long hair sweet pear flower head perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle

The most suitable perm hair style for medium and long hair is of course the pear head. This pear-shaped hair type without bangs is very fresh and sweet. Breaking the cumbersome feeling of the past minute or Qi Liuhai pear head, all the way to the end.
Round face hot hair what looks good 5 long hair perm thin and sweet

Qi Liu Hai Xiu Yan short pear hair perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle

Qi Liu Hai Xiu Yan short pear flower, very sweet and well-behaved. Some girls have a wide face with no round face and a cute face, but the face is too long and becomes more dull. At this time, try this hairstyle, fluffy hair, and the curling hair ends the face. Naturally pretty.
Round face hot hair what looks good 5 long hair perm thin and sweet

Japanese pear hair perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle

The pear flower type in the Japanese is very kawaii! The color of the golden hair color can be said to be the color of the hair color that best matches the hair of the pear flower. Not only a sense of fashion, but also European and American style.
Round face hot hair what looks good 5 long hair perm thin and sweet

Qi Liu Haikou Pear Head Hair Perm Hairstyle

perm hairstyle

Qi Liu Hai’s inner buckle pear hair type, because no hair dye effect is added. Therefore, this pear flower type is very fresh and natural, making people feel very comfortable. The hair of the tail buckle is matched with the bangs and the invincible.
Round face hot hair what looks good 5 long hair perm thin and sweet

Qi Liu Hai straight curly hair perm hairstyle

perm hairstyle

The brown-yellow Qi Liu straight hair shines in the sunlight, emitting a golden glow. The straight hair on both sides is matched with the tail of the adduct, which is pure and beautiful. The thick Qi Liuhai brings out the bright eyes, which is very sweet and sweet.

Enjoy a very romantic long curly hairstyle

Romantic long curly hair is one of the many hairstyles that young girls like, and it always expresses the romantic and elegant femininity of girls.

The combination of long curly hair and tie hair has the most amazing effect. The half-volume hair has a surprisingly elastic feel. Make a simple tie at the intersection of straight hair.

And curly hair, and lean on the sides of the shoulder. Very romantic hair style with this line.

curly hairstyle

Romantic long curly hairstyle as always

The big wavy curly hair owner has a strong romantic atmosphere, and the half-button ear hair style directly shows the girl’s melon face, giving a fresh fashion girl temperament, with

The same is true for romantic curls. This is a small wave of curls that not only increases the amount of hair, but also brings a sense of vitality.

curly hairstyle

Firstly, the straight Liu Hai of the age-reducing beauty highlights the pure atmosphere of the girls, and the fashionable linen colors set off more western.

A fresh and elegant side with long curly hairstyle, which is full of pure and moving atmosphere.

A simple and clean long curly hair always makes people feel the incomparably fresh and natural, showing you the most beautiful moment of heart.

curly hairstyle

The full-featured curls make this hair crystal clear and bright.

And at the same time give the female life a lovely temperament.

The bangs that cover the eyebrows reveal a pair of innocent.

Firstly, and big eyes, plus the whiteness of the skin and the temperament of the doll.

curly hairstyle

The fashionable linen gold brings more trend elements to the romantic mid-length hair. The white skin appears to be more dazzling under the golden color. The long hair of the shawl makes the overall temperament improve, just like a girl, it is very fashionable.

Firstly, the long curly hairstyle of the golden color brings a stylish temperament to the elegant, very thick one. Your golden curls are more white and natural against the elegant skin. The fashionable charm has the most beautiful heart-beating experience.

Introducing the half-length fishtail flower hair tutorial illustration

To talk about this fishtail hair, it is really very beautiful, but this half-length flower head can really grow a flower, to see what the half-length fishtail tutorial illustration is?

The scorpion can help you complete any style of your look. If you have medium and heavy, then this style can create the perfect for you.

The so-called wig piece refers to a headgear produced by the piece production process of real or wig. Also known as hair extensions, hair curtains.

Introducing half-length fishtail head tutorial illustration Suitable for medium-heavy hair

Twisted cockroaches, cockroaches, fish bones, these most popular hairstyles, you have already learned, do you want to learn a new style?

Step 1: Instead of curling, you can use a roll of curly hair to create a wave.


Step 2: Disperse the it and comb the hair with a comb.


Step 3: Select the half-length to weave the fishtail tweezers above the left ear, and weave the tweezers on the right side.


Step 4: Pull the scorpion slowly, loosely loose until you get the fullness you want.

Don’t worry about the scorpion scattered, because you made a tight fishtail.


Step 5: Cross the two fishtails and evenly remove the fishtails from the fluffy petals and fix them with hairpins.


Step 6: Finally, the remaining wig ends and the surrounding it spray fixed by spray. (Note: After you don’t attach the hairpin, use theĀ  spray to fix the flower.)

The tutorial on the half-length fishtail headĀ  introduced here, so come and try this nice hairstyle.

Stylish color wigs Let your hair shine brightly

Among the huge wig family, there is a seemingly inconspicuous but very useful member – a wig. The wearing of the wig is very simple. When we are in peacetime, we wear the hairpin, and the fashion effect it can achieve is extraordinary. Let’s take a look!

color wigs

Is this wig piece quite a bit “wet and silent”? The light yellow wig in the inner layer of the hair and is very natural, like a transitional color.

Make your stylish color wigs

A wig is a kind of headwear produced the hair piece production process. It selected with different colors, lengths and curvatures to make hair styles more convenient and beautiful.
color wigs

Press the clip on the hair piece to divide the hair clip, the two clip hair piece, the three clip hair piece, the five clip hair piece and so on. The five-clip hair piece can also a one-piece wig piece.

Wig hair clips are not only straight hair wigs, this wig piece is a big wave of curly hair wigs, the light yellow wave roll and the model’s own hair curls into one, lazy and sexy.

This is a light natural roll wig, still creating a transitional color from dark brown to light brown, stylish and generous.
color wigs

A full-featured color wigs hairstyle. The light yellow wig is among the reddish-brown hair of the model itself, with a glamorous look and personality.

This colorful color wig is suitable for the personality of the MM, so the colorful hair color walking on the street, must be the focus of everyone’s attention!

The wig piece itself is a transitional color wigs, and the brown hair on both sides with white and yellow wig wigs, which the original ordinary hair color brighten up!

How to distinguish real hair high-end wigs

Real hair wigs are natural in color, comfortable to wear, and vivid in image. Most people will think that real hair wigs are the best. Of course, the higher-end wigs are expensive. How to tell the real hair high-end wig?

Compared with wig hair materials, the hair materials wigs can be roughly divided into three types: whole human hair, synthetic fiber, and mixed hair.

Although the wig made of synthetic fiber is light, not easily deformed and faded, it is easy to care and has a long-lasting shape, but its breathability and hygroscopicity are not as good as human hair wigs.

real hair

At present, most people think that the wig made by the whole person’s hair is the best. Indeed, compared with synthetic wigs and mixed wigs, the wig made by human hair looks very natural, and its breathability and hygroscopicity are better than the other two. The wig made of wool material, if it is hand-made, has higher simulation and comfort.

The shortcomings of human hair wigs are easy to deform and fade: human hair wigs are the same as real hair, which can be blown, dyed and burnt, but it is easy to deform and the color will slowly fade away.

real hair

Easy to break: Although it is not easy to pilling with the clothes collar and so on, it will split and break once damaged.

It’s expensive and heavy: the human hair wig is very heavy; as the sensation is less and less, it’s getting harder and harder to find a high-quality real hair, so it’s very expensive.

Inconvenient care: It is very easy to tie knots when washing hair wigs. Generally, you need to get a professional wig shop to take care of.

Teach you to distinguish between real hair and high-end wigs

Pick a small amount of real hair wigs and burn it. The first thing is to smell the taste. The real hair is the taste of the barbecue. The addition of the heat-resistant silk is that the plastic taste is easy to distinguish.

Look at the burnt ash, the real hair powder, and the agglomerate is a wig that adds heat-resistant silk.

real hair

The maximum temperature of the heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees – 200 degrees, so you can choose a hair straight clip or a point roll to heat straight or bend with a maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, and there is a heat-resistant wire, that is, no The burnt is the real hair.

Easily have a sweet and lovely wig hairstyle

Here are a few sweet and cute wig hairstyles to create a variety of women’s style, and the trend is full of breath, let you go to that place has become the focus of everyone. It’s easy for you to change the style of fashion.

Firstly, many girls like to change the different styles. Here are a few sweet and cute wig hairstyles, let you change the variety of shapes at will, and want a sweet or cute wig to easily get it.

Sweet and cute wig hairstyle free to change the variety of shapes


Fashionable brown wig long hair style, looks full of cute, micro-volume hair tail treatment to create the image of cute sister.

Oblique bangs to modify the delicate small face type.

Ping bangs cute wig hairstyle, very sweet temperament oh, flat bangs design to modify the small face type. pear hair short hair, the girl’s cute water spirit side, especially lovable!

wig hairstyle

Fluffy fashion wig hairstyle, oblique bangs very well decorated small face, scattered curls, exudes a sexy femininity, but also a little cute.

Firstly, the stylish gold-brown hair wig hairstyle is one of the most popular wigs, the wig braids show the gentle literary femininity, and the tail of the buckle is specially decorated.

wig hairstyle

Cute straight hair wig hairstyle, pure black hair with inner buckle design.

Will combine sweet and cute, repairing age and effect, full of instant, you look more sweet.

Sweet and lovely wig hairstyle, let MMs change their hair style at will, and create a stylish and stylish look.

Golden highlights fashion big roll hot hair

To talk about this big volume hot, this is a kind of perm that many people like, this big roll is more suitable for long hair, to see what the big rolls of hot hair.

Firstly, Korean style hot hair, hair roots are very fluffy, creating a gentle feeling, dyed with light linen and a transparent color reveals a fresh temperament.

Golden highlights give you a big roll hot hair

Fashionable long and big volume roll hot hair, four or six partial points + fluffy hair tail volume.

Pure black color and gold highlights, mature and feminine, suitable for fashion OL style.

Whether it’s a small wave roll or a large, fluffy wave roll, it can create a different kind of fresh and eye-catching temperament. Firstly, the large volume of wavy hair that without bangs creates a sexy femininity.

Sexy feminine big rolls of hot shawl in the long hair, bangs slightly hot.

And one side of the hair to the shoulders, facial features delicate and sweet.

roll hot hair

Firstly, A perm hairstyle with a stylish and feminine feel, the grape purple dyed hair color gradient with some transparent design, with a layered wave, the atmosphere is thin.Big roll of hot hair picture

A chic lazy big roll, fluffy hair creates a sense of leisure.

The air-burning long roll hot hair matched with Korean hair dyeing design, gold linen + dark green skirt, full of fashion, and very temperament.

The double-layered perm shape that is rolled out after the haircut level is trimmed.

And the medium-length hair of the air feel the hair look more curved and softer.

And the unstoppable styling temperament steals the mirror, and the maroon hair color is full.

About the big roll hot hair hot hair introduced here, not pick one for yourself.

European and American style wigs and long roll wig

Do you also want to have a sexy and charming long curly hair? But are you worried that the curling effect is not satisfactory? It doesn’t matter, as long as there is a wig, you can round your curly dreams.

Today, Amy Xiaobian brings you the latest European and American style curly hair wigs, teaching you how to create sexy long curly hair. If you like roll wig, you can learn it with Xiaobian.

European and American style wigs let you have sexy long roll wig

Compared with the effect after wearing a wig with a wig. Although the long straight light is full, it is always monotonous. The long curly hair is very beautiful and very sexy. Don’t worry about being difficult to take care of.

Long curly hair is soft and curly, full of luster, looking back and smiling.

roll wig

Step1: Prepare the curls that are similar to your own hair color.

Step2: Put all the hair on the hairpin and fix it with a long hair behind the head. Use a comb with a brush to comb the hair and make it fluffy. It is easy to fit the wig.

Step3: Take out the wig piece and stick it along the root of the brain. The wig has a thin hole in the steel piece to hold the fluffy hair, so don’t worry about it falling.

Step4: The whole wig piece fits together, and the long wig piece fits closely along the hairline, which is very natural.

Step5: Put the roll wig above the ear and put a wig on each. Then spread the long hair and the curls are done.

Korean non-mainstream wig

Korean hair style is becoming more and more popular with the Korean drama. I want to change into a beautiful hairstyle like Korean drama, but there are many hair quality and hair volume requirements. A Korean wig easily done. Today I want to introduce you to some non-mainstream Korean wigs. Come and enjoy them.

This orange-red non-mainstream short hair wig, such a bright hair color may not be suitable for daily work and life.

But going shopping can make you easily eye-catching, while the inner buckle and the outer tip of the hair is very pretty.

Korean non-mainstream wigs let you change your personality

The inner buckle of the inner wave of the wave head wig is very delicate.

And it is reluctant to cut off the long hair to wear such a wave head wig, you can also become a temperament beauty.

The color of such an authentic golden curly oriental is inherently difficult achieve through dyeing hair, and the charm of the blonde is still not reduced. This wig shape you like a mixed-race.

A very playful short hair wig, Liu Liu’s uneven bangs make the buckle of the buckle, linen dyed hair can also make you more fashionable.


The wigs highlighted in shades of light also have a small face effect visually.

And the large areas of bright colors give a feeling of frivolity.

And the highlights in the tail make the hairstyle lighter.

This bunch of hair with a short hairline at the end of the bangs makes an outward curl, making the short hair look stylish and stylish.

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