real hair wig wear and cleaning

The wig’s wearing method is first of all to wear a hood. After wearing the wig, you need to make the wig change. You can’t see the wig as a wig, and then fix it. The perfect beauty wig will appear.

The first step of wearing a wig: wearing a real hair wig

The first step in wearing a wig is to first treat the original real hair, first comb the hair back, and then wear a hair clip to cover the real hair to avoid real and false confusion.

The second step of wearing a wig: wearing a true wig wig

real hair wig

After wearing the hood, I went to the real wearing a real hair wig uk, put the wig on my head, and don’t care about her hair style after taking it, but first adjust the position of the wig to wear it.

The third step of wearing a wig: the wig becomes true

Then, we must look at the wig on the head if it is true, to be perfect, but also need to combine the wearer’s face, according to the shape of the face to adjust the best position of the wig, the best bangs, etc., so that others can not see Out, this is fake hair.

real hair wig

The fourth step of wearing a wig: fixing the wig

After determining a position, it is the last step in wearing a real hair wig. That is to fix the wig. It is said to be a wig. If it is not fixed, it will be easily skewed or dropped. This will be very embarrassing, so wigs are generally required to wear. It is fixed.

real wig cleaning and cleaning steps

1. Use a steel tooth comb to smooth the wig. If it is a roll wig, pay attention to the curl position of the head of the bangs. It is best to use a simple comb.

2, then the fake release in the cold water for 5-10 minutes, fashion can not be too long, this will lead to wig off.

3, then take the fake start to replace a basin of water, use the wig-specific washing liquid into the clear water and mix well, put the fake release in the water and gently grab a hairline just fine.

real hair wig

4, after washing, put another basin of water, clean the wig.

5. After cleaning, dispose of the fake on a special bracket and use a dry towel to dry the water on the real hair wig.

6. Finally, when the wig is dried 90%, gently grasp the hair with your hand, and then use the special comb for the wig to comb the wig and the top of the head.

Method for identify real hair wig

In order to let everyone better identify the real hair, we list a few simple identification methods.

The method of burning can only be easily identified. The hair mixed with chemical fiber, and some black-hearted traders animal hairs such as horsetails, or some blended with hair that recovered from the barbershop and landed on the ground. Can not be identified by the method of burning

real hair wig

Name explanation: The principle of Shunfa is that we have trimmed the hair whip. It must undyed, not burnt hair.

Real hair wig hair penetration test

1. What is the permeability? The transporosity of the hair refers to the ability of the stratum corneum to allow absorption and penetration of moisture and hair products. Everyone has a different hair penetration, and when the hair is permeable, the transparency increases.

real hair wig

2. What is the difference between permeable hair and non-permeable hair? The stratum corneum scales of non-permeable hair are flat and dry, and when exposed to light, they reflect light on average, making the hair look shiny, and the real hair wig is not easily damaged when combed. The permeable hair, because the stratum corneum scales are open, the hair is not even, the light penetrates and can not reflect the light, and the hair looks lustre.

real hair wig

3, test method: lift a small number of small hair, tighten the hair tail, use your fingers along the hair shaft to slide down from the top to the hair root, if there is a rough feeling, it is permeable. It should noted that different parts the hair have different perforation, so it is necessary test the perforation different parts of the hair.

Real hair wig elastic test

1. What is the elasticity of hair? It refers the ability of the hair stretched and straightened and then returned its original length. Healthy hair generally stretched one-third of its original length. When wet, the elasticity of the real hair wig increases. If the stratum corneum damaged, the hair permeable, thereby reducing the elasticity the hair.

real hair wig

2, test method: first pick up a hair, use the index finger and thumb hold the ends of the hair, then gently stretched see how much hair stretched.

And when the hair returns to its original length, the length has changed . Usually damaged, inelastic hair can not withstand pulling, easy to break

How to distinguish real hair high-end wigs

Real hair wigs are natural in color, comfortable to wear, and vivid in image. Most people will think that real hair wigs are the best. Of course, the higher-end wigs are expensive. How to tell the real hair high-end wig?

Compared with wig hair materials, the hair materials wigs can be roughly divided into three types: whole human hair, synthetic fiber, and mixed hair.

Although the wig made of synthetic fiber is light, not easily deformed and faded, it is easy to care and has a long-lasting shape, but its breathability and hygroscopicity are not as good as human hair wigs.

real hair

At present, most people think that the wig made by the whole person’s hair is the best. Indeed, compared with synthetic wigs and mixed wigs, the wig made by human hair looks very natural, and its breathability and hygroscopicity are better than the other two. The wig made of wool material, if it is hand-made, has higher simulation and comfort.

The shortcomings of human hair wigs are easy to deform and fade: human hair wigs are the same as real hair, which can be blown, dyed and burnt, but it is easy to deform and the color will slowly fade away.

real hair

Easy to break: Although it is not easy to pilling with the clothes collar and so on, it will split and break once damaged.

It’s expensive and heavy: the human hair wig is very heavy; as the sensation is less and less, it’s getting harder and harder to find a high-quality real hair, so it’s very expensive.

Inconvenient care: It is very easy to tie knots when washing hair wigs. Generally, you need to get a professional wig shop to take care of.

Teach you to distinguish between real hair and high-end wigs

Pick a small amount of real hair wigs and burn it. The first thing is to smell the taste. The real hair is the taste of the barbecue. The addition of the heat-resistant silk is that the plastic taste is easy to distinguish.

Look at the burnt ash, the real hair powder, and the agglomerate is a wig that adds heat-resistant silk.

real hair

The maximum temperature of the heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees – 200 degrees, so you can choose a hair straight clip or a point roll to heat straight or bend with a maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, and there is a heat-resistant wire, that is, no The burnt is the real hair.