Short hair 5 minute hair style

After we cut short hair, we often suffer from lack of styling, but in fact, short hair can also have many changes. If you are going to a party tonight, or go to a different occasion, try it now.

Short hair a relative hair style concept, and hair styles within a certain length be collectively referred to as “short hair”.

Hair styles divided into two major categories – long hair and short hair, of which short hair divided into men’s short hair and women’s short hair, under this standard will be derived from a variety of hair styles.

Short hair braid hairstyle

hair style

The short hair styling generally be combed lower and more fluffy. The hair ends slightly left a little more than the stuffed ones.

Short curly hair style

hair style

If you are too lazy to take care of it, then go to your hair stylist and apply a short curly hair that will suit you for any occasion.

French hair style hairstyle

hair style

French hair is especially suitable for the change of oblique bangs. Can make hair styles especially gorgeous.

Hair accessory hairstyle

hair style

Hair accessories are also one of the props that make cool short hair instantly sweet. All hair accessories made of colored stones are chic and age-reducing.

Rock style hair style

hair style

Short hair can also create a rock-and-roll style, blowing the hair roots, and then combing the hair roots, then combing from the front to the back.

Allo’s all back styling hairstyle

hair style

Short hair can also have a very good all back hairstyle, but in order to avoid feeling that you are not because of washing your head, remember to leave a slap in your ear.

Retro curly hair style

hair style

As long as you are a Bobo head, you can copy this hairstyle. If you are going to a retro party, use a large curling iron to start curling from the ear. Remember to fluff the hair roots in front of your forehead.