Wig BOBO head fashion age is perfect

Nowadays, it is very popular to use wigs for styling. It is not necessary to afflict hair. Secondly, you can think long and long, and short and short. The hair wigs are endless, and the BOB wigs are the most popular.

Now let’s take a look at how South Korea MM skillfully uses BOB wigs to age for yourself. You can also learn, definitely make you young and young.

Wig BOBO head NO.1


In the position of the corners on both sides, the hair on both sides can be seen with a good curvature and has a crescent effect.

Wig BOBO head NO.2


In fact, this hairstyle is very suitable for home at home. If you are at home with your boyfriend on a weekend, the mutant age-reducing hairstyle will surprise him and make him shine.

Wig BOBO head NO.3


If you want the wig to look less rigid or too naive, simply use the wax and mud to fluff the hair on your head.

Wig BOBO head NO.4


In the end of the hair, a little curly hair treatment, but the amount must not be more, this will be natural.

Wig BOBO head NO.5


BOB short hair, tightly fitted to the neck is the best effect.

It will not appear very small, but at the same time it will not make people feel very dull.

Wig BOBO head NO.6


When you are a mature dress, you must pay attention to the curvature of the wig, so that it will look natural and generous.