The latest popular men wig picture selection

The Korean version of the short hair fashion is handsome, high-quality, hand-made, hair is a real hair.

The appearance is natural and realistic, comfortable and breathable. And this men wig is based on the hair style of Luhan, 100% new!

men wig

The Korean version of the high-quality realistic mens wig is made of high-quality hair woven material, which is like a real hair. It is very natural when worn on the head. It is completely different, and the wig has a built-in elastic adjustment strap, which is easy to wear and comfortable.

The latest and the most fashionable men wig

men wig

Men’s wigs hand-woven with 100% human hair are more textured than other wigs, and the hair is soft and natural. You can design your favorite shape. The wig equipped with an internationally imported sterile mesh. Comfortable and easy to care, so men can put in their hands.

The Korean version of the oblique bangs fluffy hair wigs is designed by the designer according to the current trend. The styling fashion trend, the slightly slanting bangs are special, adding a lot of tidal feeling to the classic wave head.

men wig

Mature man’s male wig, long bangs, long hair tail beautiful arc, natural handsome. Firstly, men’s wigs with clear lines, this year’s popular texture hot feeling, do not want to perm and want to have a hot texture of men wig, buy one.

men wig

The partial bangs are very long, with the side hairĀ men wig on the face, playing the role of small face and thin face. The classic four or six points, the forehead of the long Liu Hai hair curtain;

Highlighting the fortitude and handsome cheeks. Mild fluffy plus natural curl, multi-volume wig, looks youthful and dynamic, and has a younger age.

men wig

Firstly, the layered volume of bangs, with long cheeks on the cheeks, handsome face, dark brown with a slight yellow dye, looks sunny and dynamic. The casual and unrestrained layering fluffy, the young breath naturally exposed.

The slightly raised hair ends, and the youthful atmosphere further enlarged.

men wig

The natural fluffy long blond hair brings a sense of sunshine that does not lose the summer, making it feel more comfortable. Long hair, irregular curls, light fluffy, handsome personality, suitable for young campus boys.

Cleverly applied Korean hair wig

The fake found that more and more girls like it, it can instantly transform without damaging their hair. Here are some easy-to-use Korean wigs.

Fashionable Korean hair wig style

Korean hair wig
Qi Liu Hai and the Korean hair wig of the tail of the big volume match, in order to create a charming little face, the effect of age reduction is better. The hair is fluffy and natural, and the girl is very cute. The long brown hair makes the girl more white and beautiful, fresh and pleasant.

Korean hair wig

Does this seem to make the model girl look less than 5 years old in a moment? The thick Qi Liu and the hair tail highlight the cute little face, and the natural hair color is slightly small and fresh.

Korean hair wig

The long straight hair piece with a width of about 30cm and a length of about 51cm makes the girl instantly become a goddess.

It is also more convenient to wear,It is molded once and is more breathable and more suitable for wearing in summer.

Korean hair wig

This kind of highlighting full lace wigs hair piece can satisfy all kinds of girls who want to highlight.

Whether it is a fashionable fashion for a haircut in a week or a prostitute who wants to rebel occasionally, you can try it. It can also together with other wigs.

Korean hair wig

The hair color of this highlight wig is larger than the color of the previous candy, and the color is relatively low-key and natural. In addition to the pursuit of personality girls.

Girls who want to increase the amount of hair can also choose to use. Girls with short or curly hair can diy themselves.

Korean hair wig

This is a good thing to save the hand and star. It is very practical for people who are always stuck in a ball. If you add a fake bangs, it will be even more sprouting.

Sexy girl wig hairstyle

Are you still looking for the Japanese and Korean hair styles, or are you loyal to European and American fashion hairstyles? Bringing a wig hairstyle that doesn’t lose to every country is a true green and healthy hair style design; let you have both fashion trends and a healthy path.

Make your glamorous girl wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

The design of the air bangs matched the real hair wigs curling technique, and the youthful beauty lovely. Firstly, the fresh and natural hair color highlights the simple feeling of the little girl, which gives birth to a feeling of compassion and pity. Whether the air bangs hairstyle of this wig hairstyle has made you feel excited.

wig hairstyle

The wig air bangs is one of the most popular hairstyles of most girls. It is a little playful and perfect for the innocence of the little girl. The stylish brown hair color is matched with the long flowing hair, full of youthful and lively atmosphere.

wig hairstyle

This girl’s wig-slanted bangs design gives a full of sexy, giving a sense of freshness and eyeball. The bright golden color is full of European and American style, and they dance youth and respect the freedom of life.

wig hairstyle

This is a thick and slanted bangs girl perm hair style, showing the gentle and lovely temperament of a small woman. Long pear blossoms are more refreshing and pretty.

Playful and playful eyes, but do not lose the naughty of the girl next door.

wig hairstyle

This girl’s oblique bangs hair style college is super strong, brown long hair casual and elegant, but also the girl’s inner pursuit of beauty. The yellow hair clips are sweet and lively. Xiaobian I can always like this type of girl deeply, so I can’t let go of Xiaobian.

wig hairstyle

“When I have long hair and waist, the generals good for me.” The youthful gentleness covered with deep inner feelings. Firstly, this wig hairstyle long hair curls portrays the ancient aesthetics to the extreme.

And the oblique bangs add to the lack of fashion sense of ancient women.

Wild fashion pear flower wig hairstyle

Want to get yourself a pear hair type? But I am worried that I will damage my beloved hair, and I don’t even know if it will look good. Then come here and choose the pear flower wig that suits you. It is versatile!

Broken bangs long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A little broken bangs, wearing a pair of glasses, add a ladylike atmosphere, long curly hair on the two sides of the shoulder, super nice, both face repair and age, awesome!

Wild, stylish, this long pear flower wig is really good! I like the girl I like.

Dark brown long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A dark brown hair color, the bangs cut in front, looks very sweet, the curled hair is scattered on the shoulders, super beautiful! Like it?

Ultra-stylish, versatile pear head human hair wigs, selling cute before the camera, cute, sweet, super nice pear hair type. Big Love!

Sweet pear flower wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A sweet-filled pear head wig with short perm, short cheeks with short cheeks, can best retouch the girl’s face, cute and sweet.

Korean style, cheeky fluffy, the most able to make a small face, really a good wig hairstyle, like it?

Oblique bangs in the long pear head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

The bangs that are slanted open, the cheeks are curled and the tail is on the shoulders, which can best modify the face! Light brown hair color, set off white skin, versatile and fashionable.

Very nice wig pear hair type, good-looking and versatile, I believe the sisters will love it.

Korean style long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

Korean style, this pear head long wig hairstyle, looks like the overall effect is very good! The bangs that are slanted open, the hot ends of the hair, are placed on the shoulders, so beautiful!

It looks really good! Do the girls like such a wig? Wild, stylish, and more to modify the face!

Ok! After reading the versatile, stylish wig pear hair styles that come with it, I feel great! Fast forward to choose what you like!

Wig BOBO head fashion age is perfect

Nowadays, it is very popular to use wigs for styling. It is not necessary to afflict hair. Secondly, you can think long and long, and short and short. The hair wigs are endless, and the BOB wigs are the most popular.

Now let’s take a look at how South Korea MM skillfully uses BOB wigs to age for yourself. You can also learn, definitely make you young and young.

Wig BOBO head NO.1


In the position of the corners on both sides, the hair on both sides can be seen with a good curvature and has a crescent effect.

Wig BOBO head NO.2


In fact, this hairstyle is very suitable for home at home. If you are at home with your boyfriend on a weekend, the mutant age-reducing hairstyle will surprise him and make him shine.

Wig BOBO head NO.3


If you want the wig to look less rigid or too naive, simply use the wax and mud to fluff the hair on your head.

Wig BOBO head NO.4


In the end of the hair, a little curly hair treatment, but the amount must not be more, this will be natural.

Wig BOBO head NO.5


BOB short hair, tightly fitted to the neck is the best effect.

It will not appear very small, but at the same time it will not make people feel very dull.

Wig BOBO head NO.6


When you are a mature dress, you must pay attention to the curvature of the wig, so that it will look natural and generous.

The most popular wig list for fashion girls

This year’s most popular wig list for fashion girls has been released. MMs are coming to choose a good-looking wig for yourself, so you can change your hair style anytime and anywhere without hurting.

How to create a variety of hairstyles without wanting to change the existing hairstyle? In fact, you only need to wear a hair. If you look at the most popularĀ cosplay wigs uk list for fashion girls this year, you can put these beautiful wigs into the bag and create the hairstyle you want.

Pear roll ponytail wig


The fashion circle has recently smashed the wave of ponytail hair. When the long pear ponytail follows the back of you, it is a youthful and energetic feeling, very suitable for spring and summer.

Gao Junxi with the air bangs short hair wig


The weather is getting hotter, girls can follow the short hair goddess Gao Junxi, leaving a refreshing air bangs short hair. Previously, you can buy Gao Junxi’s hair to test the effect and see if you are suitable for cutting short hair and become a short hair goddess like Gao Junxi!

Korean air bangs BOBO head wig


Young and fashionable, you are very suitable for this Korean air bangs BOBO head, its effect is realistic, and the real hair is almost the same, wearing natural and comfortable, is the first choice for every MM hair.

Oblique bangs pear flower hot long hair wig


This oblique bangs pear flower hot long hair version is very good, moderate thickness, very light and comfortable. Pear perm is very fashionable, the design of oblique bangs and inner button hair ends helps to repair the face, suitable for all kinds of face, especially round face girls.

Short pear flower wig


The short pear flower head will pay more attention to the fluffy feeling than other pear flower hair styles. The hair is more graceful in curvature, and the overall hair style is fashionable and individual. MM people can easily create a beautiful hair style by simply selecting the hair color that matches your skin color.

Give yourself a little more new life, meet a certain wig you like, and you will put it in your pocket and give yourself a new hairstyle! .

Learn about Cosplay Wig

Coser need to be in constant contact with all kinds of wigs. Choosing the right wig is also a matter of learning. Today, we will share some knowledge about wigs that cosplay needs to know.


The wig basically divided into plastic brushed and animal hair. In the plastic brushed wig we often touch, there are many kinds of it: better: the quality of the card and Marlens is better, the feel is slippery. Smooth and easy to comb, there will be no strong flash. The hair of the former is thinner and more flying, and the latter is thicker and more draped. Of course, the hair price of this grade is also relatively high, poor: the hair that poorer is Han silk, also known as pp silk or K silk.


This kind of silk is not smooth, easy to knot, the most terrible is that the flash is too strong, the extreme advantage in front of the lens, the only advantage is cheap. The same length of wig, the price of Han silk is almost one-half to one-third of the card, there are Japanese silk, domestic silk, mixed silk, etc.; both the price and the quality are between the above two.

Coser needs to know: Cosplay wig related knowledge

When buying a wig, in addition to the hair itself, you should pay special attention to the following points: the shape of the bangs, whether there is a scalp. Is there a head road, the color of the hair net, and whether the hair net adjusted.


With a wig, the first step is to shoot the real hair. It is recommended tie your hair to two sides, and then fold the top the head with a clip. After the hair is clamped, that there no broken hair on the forehead, and then bring a headgear further support the hair. In this way, with a wig, it will never reveal the true hair.


When combing the human hair wigs, remember not to use a plastic comb! You can use iron comb, wooden comb, horn comb, as long as it can prevent static electricity.

If there is no need to arrange the wig at the animation exhibition site, it is better to use the hand to sort it than to use a plastic comb.

Buy a special wig for hair wigs. When combing, it will be easier to squirt.


Never expect to be able to completely comb the wig – that is, after all, there is no life, how can it be so easy to be completely smooth? The longer the hair, the easier it is to tie the knot. Therefore, the principle of grooming is: as long as the surface looks smooth, it is OK.


The method of cleaning the hair: soak it in cold water, add a little common shampoo, gently squeeze it.

Remove it, use a towel to stick it outside, blot the water, and then hang it in a cool place to dry.

Stylish color wigs Let your hair shine brightly

Among the huge wig family, there is a seemingly inconspicuous but very useful member – a wig. The wearing of the wig is very simple. When we are in peacetime, we wear the hairpin, and the fashion effect it can achieve is extraordinary. Let’s take a look!

color wigs

Is this wig piece quite a bit “wet and silent”? The light yellow wig in the inner layer of the hair and is very natural, like a transitional color.

Make your stylish color wigs

A wig is a kind of headwear produced the hair piece production process. It selected with different colors, lengths and curvatures to make hair styles more convenient and beautiful.
color wigs

Press the clip on the hair piece to divide the hair clip, the two clip hair piece, the three clip hair piece, the five clip hair piece and so on. The five-clip hair piece can also a one-piece wig piece.

Wig hair clips are not only straight hair wigs, this wig piece is a big wave of curly hair wigs, the light yellow wave roll and the model’s own hair curls into one, lazy and sexy.

This is a light natural roll wig, still creating a transitional color from dark brown to light brown, stylish and generous.
color wigs

A full-featured color wigs hairstyle. The light yellow wig is among the reddish-brown hair of the model itself, with a glamorous look and personality.

This colorful color wig is suitable for the personality of the MM, so the colorful hair color walking on the street, must be the focus of everyone’s attention!

The wig piece itself is a transitional color wigs, and the brown hair on both sides with white and yellow wig wigs, which the original ordinary hair color brighten up!

Easily have a sweet and lovely wig hairstyle

Here are a few sweet and cute wig hairstyles to create a variety of women’s style, and the trend is full of breath, let you go to that place has become the focus of everyone. It’s easy for you to change the style of fashion.

Firstly, many girls like to change the different styles. Here are a few sweet and cute wig hairstyles, let you change the variety of shapes at will, and want a sweet or cute wig to easily get it.

Sweet and cute wig hairstyle free to change the variety of shapes


Fashionable brown wig long hair style, looks full of cute, micro-volume hair tail treatment to create the image of cute sister.

Oblique bangs to modify the delicate small face type.

Ping bangs cute wig hairstyle, very sweet temperament oh, flat bangs design to modify the small face type. pear hair short hair, the girl’s cute water spirit side, especially lovable!

wig hairstyle

Fluffy fashion wig hairstyle, oblique bangs very well decorated small face, scattered curls, exudes a sexy femininity, but also a little cute.

Firstly, the stylish gold-brown hair wig hairstyle is one of the most popular wigs, the wig braids show the gentle literary femininity, and the tail of the buckle is specially decorated.

wig hairstyle

Cute straight hair wig hairstyle, pure black hair with inner buckle design.

Will combine sweet and cute, repairing age and effect, full of instant, you look more sweet.

Sweet and lovely wig hairstyle, let MMs change their hair style at will, and create a stylish and stylish look.

Korean non-mainstream wig

Korean hair style is becoming more and more popular with the Korean drama. I want to change into a beautiful hairstyle like Korean drama, but there are many hair quality and hair volume requirements. A Korean wig easily done. Today I want to introduce you to some non-mainstream Korean wigs. Come and enjoy them.

This orange-red non-mainstream short hair wig, such a bright hair color may not be suitable for daily work and life.

But going shopping can make you easily eye-catching, while the inner buckle and the outer tip of the hair is very pretty.

Korean non-mainstream wigs let you change your personality

The inner buckle of the inner wave of the wave head wig is very delicate.

And it is reluctant to cut off the long hair to wear such a wave head wig, you can also become a temperament beauty.

The color of such an authentic golden curly oriental is inherently difficult achieve through dyeing hair, and the charm of the blonde is still not reduced. This wig shape you like a mixed-race.

A very playful short hair wig, Liu Liu’s uneven bangs make the buckle of the buckle, linen dyed hair can also make you more fashionable.


The wigs highlighted in shades of light also have a small face effect visually.

And the large areas of bright colors give a feeling of frivolity.

And the highlights in the tail make the hairstyle lighter.

This bunch of hair with a short hairline at the end of the bangs makes an outward curl, making the short hair look stylish and stylish.