Wild fashion pear flower wig hairstyle

Want to get yourself a pear hair type? But I am worried that I will damage my beloved hair, and I don’t even know if it will look good. Then come here and choose the pear flower wig that suits you. It is versatile!

Broken bangs long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A little broken bangs, wearing a pair of glasses, add a ladylike atmosphere, long curly hair on the two sides of the shoulder, super nice, both face repair and age, awesome!

Wild, stylish, this long pear flower wig is really good! I like the girl I like.

Dark brown long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A dark brown hair color, the bangs cut in front, looks very sweet, the curled hair is scattered on the shoulders, super beautiful! Like it?

Ultra-stylish, versatile pear head human hair wigs, selling cute before the camera, cute, sweet, super nice pear hair type. Big Love!

Sweet pear flower wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

A sweet-filled pear head wig with short perm, short cheeks with short cheeks, can best retouch the girl’s face, cute and sweet.

Korean style, cheeky fluffy, the most able to make a small face, really a good wig hairstyle, like it?

Oblique bangs in the long pear head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

The bangs that are slanted open, the cheeks are curled and the tail is on the shoulders, which can best modify the face! Light brown hair color, set off white skin, versatile and fashionable.

Very nice wig pear hair type, good-looking and versatile, I believe the sisters will love it.

Korean style long pear flower head wig hairstyle

wig hairstyle

Korean style, this pear head long wig hairstyle, looks like the overall effect is very good! The bangs that are slanted open, the hot ends of the hair, are placed on the shoulders, so beautiful!

It looks really good! Do the girls like such a wig? Wild, stylish, and more to modify the face!

Ok! After reading the versatile, stylish wig pear hair styles that come with it, I feel great! Fast forward to choose what you like!